Australian Songbook

  The Complete Guitar Player Australian Songbook 1
  by Jason Waldron
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12 Australian songs arranged for fingerstyle guitarists


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Music is written in TAB and music notation. With chord boxes, strumming guides and lyrics.


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Includes: "Waltzing Matilda", "Botany Bay ", Eagle Rock, and nine other titles.


red dot   Comes with CD. Full version backing tracks plus "minus melody line" play along tracks

About the Book

This book is designed to accomodate guitarists of all styles, plectrum, acoustic and electric, fingerstyle, nylon and steel string.


The traditional pieces, by nature of their simplicity, are written as fingerstyle solos, which can be split into melody (usually the top hne, but occasionally the bottom line, as indicated), leaving an accompanying line which can be played by another guitarist. This also allows the guitarist to play the melody with the CD minus-melody version (even numbers) backing track, as well as strum chords with the full version (including melody hne) CD backing track (odd numbers). Fingering should be adjusted to suit single note playing.


The popular songs are more complex, and therefore have been presented twice. Firstly, a melody line chord version, to be used with the CD backing track, followed by a solo fingerstyle version.


Lyrics have been added for those who wish to sing along with the pieces.


About the CD
red dot Arranged and recorded by Peter Gelling

red dot A full bar click track introduces each piece to indicate tempo.

red dot Odd numbered tracks, i.e. 1, 3, 5 etc., are the full version backing tracks, which include the melody line.

red dot Even numbered tracks, 2, 4, 6 etc., are minus the melody line



Australian Songbook

CD Track Song Composer Audio
1 & 2 Waltzing Matilda A.B. Patterson-Marie Cowan
3 & 4 Ladies Of Brisbane Traditional  
5 & 6 Botany Bay Traditional  
7 & 8 The Wild Colonial Boy Traditional
9 & 10 Moreton Bay Traditional  
11 & 12 The Overlander Traditional  
13 & 14 Eagle Rock Ross Wilson
15 & 16 Look What You've Done N. Cester  
17 & 18 Not Pretty Enough Kasey Chambers
19 & 20 Under The Milky Way Steve Kilbey and K. Jansson  
21 & 22 Holy Grail Mark Seymour  
23 & 24 Jessica's Theme Bruce Rowland  


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