Classical Guitar Method 

  Progressive: Classical Guitar Method
  by Jason Waldron
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For Beginning Classical Guitarists.


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The essential method for the beginning Classical Guitarist


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Teaches you how to play the world's most famous pieces for Classical Guitar and teaches you how to read music


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Progressive: Classical Guitar is designed to take the beginning student to a standard of playing ability and musical knowledge where he/she will play comfortably and with confidence in the lower positions of the classical guitar.


Within the two main sections of this book a lesson by lesson structure has been used to give a clear and carefully graded method of study. No prior knowledge on your behalf is assumed.


Section One deals with basic musical essentials such as the staff, notes values, common time signatures etc. and leads onto a concise explanation of correct sitting position and the use of the hands. These techniques are demonstrated using solo and duet studies. The duets can be played solo (either top or bottom part), or with a teacher or fellow student, by using the CD.


Section Two consists of studies and pieces grouped in the most common guitar keys, which will give you a thorough grounding and insight into the rich and delicate repertoire of the classical guitar.


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