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Recently, I acquired a '61 spruce Fleta from the Guitar Salon in New York, which was very reasonably priced due to several repaired cracks in the top. Normally, I am put off by cracks, refinishing etc., but this was such a fine guitar, I had to buy it. Looking at the number of great instruments I've owned, it is strange to think that I started with very little money, contrary to popular belief and forklore in the guitar community.


In fact, having started with virtually nothing, I built up my 'portfolio' by buying and selling the best possible guitars on offer, not with the thought that one day this or that guitar will be worth a fortune, but because I really wanted to own and play these great works of art. I have always put my total energies into the guitar, whether it be playing, teaching, arranging or collecting, and I have reaped great rewards from my efforts in all these areas.


Obviously, my main interest has been in Fletas, because I believe they have more character than any other maker, not only in their unique construction, i.e. dovetail heel joint, nine-strut bracing etc., but the sound ranging from the responsive, almost brittle spruce guitars of the late '50's and early '60's to the more robust, full bodied cedar guitars from the mid-'60's onwards.


It is these qualities which I endeavoured to demonstrate on my Guitar Romance CD.


These albums were recorded by John Williams with the '61 Fleta 


These albums were recorded by John Williams with the '72 Fleta 


Ignacio Fleta, the Stradivarius of guitar makers, creates one of his masterpieces in "I am a Guitar" by Canadian filmmaker Alex Hamilton-Brown.