Live Radio Broadcasts CD


Live Radio Broadcasts

Jason Waldron: Guitar
Playing time: 61 min

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Live Radio Broadcasts CD 


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Tracklist Listen
1 Courante (M. Praetorius)  
2 Study No.l (F.Sor)  
3 Study No.2 (F.Sor)  
4 Study No.5 (F.Sor)  
5 Study in A (M.Carcassi)  
6 Recuerdos De La Alhambra (F.Tarrega)  
7 Scherzino Mexicano (M. Ponce)
8 La Catedral (A.Barrios)  
9 Una Limosna Por El Amor De Dios (A.Barrios)  
10   Danza Paraguaya (A.Barrios)  
11 Prelude No.4 (H.Villa Lobos)  
12 Choro - Mazurka (H.Villa Lobos)   
13 Choro - Schottish (H.Villa Lobos)
14 1st Movement: Allegro, vivo eschietto
15 2nd Movement: Andante mesto  
16 3rd Movement: Scherzo: Allegro conspirito, aIla Marcia  
17 4th Movement: Finale: AIIegro con fuoco  


Tracks 1 - 13

1986 - ABC Radio Live - "In Tempo"

Tracks 14 - 17

1993 - "Quintet For Guitar and String Quartet Op.143" (Castelnuovo-Tedesco)



This CD is taken from live radio broadcasts and consequently has some imperfections as associated with this genre. The audio content has been digitized and remastered from original cassette tapes.