Chopin for Guitar

  Chopin for Guitar
  by Jason Waldron
No.1 D'Album Op. post (orig. E)
No.2 Mazurka No. 46 Op. 67 No. 3 (orig. C)
No.3 Cantabile Op. post. (orig. C)
No.4 Prelude No. 7 Op. 28 No. 7 (orig. A)
No.5 Prelude No. 20 Op. 28 No. 20 (orig. Cm)
No.6 Valse No. 12 Op. 70 No. 2 (orig. Ab)
No.7 Mazurka No. 22 Op. 33 No. 1 (orig. G#m)
No.8 Mazurka No. 27 Op. 41 No. 2 (orig. Em)
No.9 Mazurka No. 24 Op. 33 No. 3 (orig. C)
No.10 Mazurka No. 45 Op. 67 No. 2 (orig. Gm)


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Frederic Chopin, the great Polish composer, was born near Warsaw in 1810 and died in 1849 in Paris. Despite constant bad health (he suffered from tuberculosis) Chopin established himself in Paris in 1832 where he composed the bulk of his works for piano.

During his lifetime Chopin was greatly acclaimed by his contemporaries and the public alike and he rightly earned the title, "poet of the piano".

Most of the works in this volume are first transcriptions for the guitar however I have reworked Tarregas' transcription of Preludes' No. 7 and No. 20 and changed the key of Mazurka No. 22 (F#m) however this is to facilitate later key changes within the piece.

Interestingly the beautiful Mazarka No. 45 Op. 67 No. 2 which I have retained in it's original key of Gm was the second to last piece composed before Chopin's death.


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