Popular Classics Vol 1

  Popular Classics of the Great Composers Vol 1
  by Jason Waldron
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35 of the world's most popular melodies by the greatest Classical Composers


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Provides an excellent performance repertoire for students and teachers ranging from very easy to intermediate level.


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Includes: "Bolero"  by Ravel, "Fur Elise"  by Beethoven, "Toreador Song"  by Bizet  and many others


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Comes with audio CD

There has always existed a need for a series of books to provide the Classical guitarist with a repertoire, long been available to the pianist, of the music most loved by both players and listeners alike.

In the popular Classics' Series music written by classical greats such as Chopin, Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky etc. has been brilliantly arranged especially for the Classical Guitar.


Popular Classics Volume 1

Song Composer Audio
No.1 Theme from 9th Symphony L. van Beethoven
No.2 Fantasie Impromptu F. Chopin  
No.3 Fur Elise L. van Beethoven
No.4 Violin Concerto Theme F. Mendelssohn  
No.5 Caro Nome G. Verdi  
No.6 Theme from New World Symphony A. Dvork  
No.7 Theme from Piano Concerto No.1 P. Tchaikovsky  
No.8 March from Nutcracker Suite P. Tchaikovsky  
No.9 Theme from Surprise Symphony J. Haydn  
No.10 Waltz J. Brahms  
No.11 Golden Wattle Waltz J. Waldron  
No.12 Aria from La Traviata G. Verdi  
No.13 Jesu Joy of Man's Desire J.S. Bach  
No.14 Over the Waves J. Rosas  
No.15 Poet and Peasant F. von Suppe  
No.16 Symphony No. 40 W. Mozart
No.17 Pizzicato Polka J. Strauss  
No.18 Sleeping Beauty Waltz P. Tchaikovsky  
No.19 Pizzicati from Sylvia L. Delibes  
No.20 Roses from the South - Waltz J. Strauss  
No.21 Theme from Caprice 24 N. Paganini  
No.22 Songs My Mother taught me A. Dvorak  
No.23 Tristesse F. Chopin  
No.24 Liebestraum F. Liszt  
No.25 Traumerei R. Schumann  
No.26 Solveigs Song E. Grieg  
No.27 Spring Song F. Mendelssohn
No.28 Theme from 1st Symphony J. Brahms  
No.29 Serenade J. Brahms  
No.30 Raindrop Prelude F. Chopin  
No.31 Bridal March R. Wagner  
No.32 Theme from Pathetique Symphony P. Tchaikovsky  
No.33 Dance of the Little Swans P. Tchaikovsky  
No.34 Theme from Piano Concerto E. Grieg  
No.35 Bolero M. Ravel


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