Classical Guitar Manual

  Progressive: Learn to Play Classical Guitar Manual
  by Jason Waldron
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Takes the student from beginner through to advanced level


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The classical guitar method that uses TAB as an aid to learning music notation


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Over 100 solo and duet studies and pieces, along with numerous exercises


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Progressive: Complete Learn to Play Classical Guitar Manual is to our knowledge the first comprehensive classical guitar method to incorporate tablature as an aid to music notation. The aim is to get you learning the notes on the fingerboard as quickly and painlessly as possible. It has been my experience as a guitar teacher at all levels for many years, that the main contributing factor to the high rate of students discontinuing their studies is the frustration incurred due to the difficulty of learning to read traditional notation. For this reason I have included full tablature for a major portion of the method. This will help to overcome the reading difficulty and enable the student to play the music provided much quicker.


The student must, of course, be continually reading the notation in order to understand the timing required, and this subconsciously helps to collate the tab notes with the regular music notation. Eventually the tab should be phased out to leave the student with an ability to easily read notation, so important, as virtually all available classical guitar music is written only in notation. Obviously, Progressive: Complete Learn to Play Classical Guitar Manual can be used as a notation-only method by simply ignoring the tab.


As well as the thorough study of essential material pertaining to music theory, (including a section on harmony), and basic technique, the method also explores more advanced techniques such as single, double, and triple rest-stroke thumb, rasgueado, silencing bass strings, tremolo, vibrato, harmonics, etc. in great detail. The learning of the fingerboard is explored via the study of unison notes, movable Bar chords, etc., and the repertoire covers many periods featuring over 100 of the greatest studies and pieces written for the guitar. Importantly, all solo and duet pieces, as well as exercises, are recorded on the accompanying CDs.


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